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Good Neighbors

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While the small scale of vineyards in our region make them unobtrusive in their native Foothills setting, our members feel strongly their responsibility to listen and respond to neighbors and to educate and earn their trust.

Our growers are guardians of the land they work.  Thus they will not jeopardize the long term health of their vineyard with short-term treatments.  Some members are dedicated and approved organic farmers,  most members are committed to sustainable practices -- minimal use of pesticides to control pests, greater use of cover crops, beneficial predatory insects, and the creation of a healthy soil and plant environment.

We consider it to be common courtesy and common sense to share information on our philosophy and cultural practices, and the reasons why they work. Sustainable management of our resources include:

Planting cover crops that improve the land's natural fertility, control erosion and host beneficial insects
Creating a biodiverse habitat in and around the vineyard with trees and other vegetation to attract beneficial insects and predators
Conserving soil through composting and manual weeding
Only applying pesticides when pests pose economic risks, and choosing materials that are effective but have low environmental impacts
Conserving water and water sources

Our grape growers, and our association, have a role in this community ... and a story to tell.  And the story may ease neighbors' fears and increase their understanding and empathy.  Like many other winegrape grower associations, we have developed a Values Statement, below, to guide us in our community role.

Values Statement


    Being considerate and courteous, reaching out to neighbors to keep them
    informed of vineyard practices and goals.
    Notifying residents adjoining our vineyards who want to know when we
    will be spraying, and being aware of our possible impact on others.
    Using integrated pest management so that pesticides are only applied when
    pests pose economic risks, and materials chosen that are effective but have
    low environmental impacts.
    Recognizing water as a precious resource; not wasting but conserving it, 
    keeping it clean and using it efficiently.
    Sharing our knowledge and experiences with all grower members to ensure 
    that all growers - new and experienced - are familiar with regulations and 
    use the best farming practices.
    Responding conscientiously if our neighbors have questions or concerns.

    We are committed to farming so that everyone benefits today 
    and tomorrow

If you would like to learn more about what we do, why, and when we do it, click on "Our Vineyard Year" button to read about Foothills vineyards throughout the seasons of the year.