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Our Viticultural Region


Sierra Foothills submenu   Rising from near sea level to over 9000 feet there are many locations in our region for matching grape varietals to climate and soil.  And this our growers do -- finding the best varietals  for quality grape production.  Our grapes are sold to wineries, both local and within northern California. 

With hot dry days, and cool nights, we have an ideal climate for many red wines. Some of the varietals in our region that produce premium quality wines are  Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Premium grape quality in California is often defined as "low yield - high fruit flavor".  This is fashioned for us by nature in our region by the devigorating effect of our shallow, mountainside soils.  By utilizing some form of drip irrigation system, through which we can add needed nutrients from time to time, we master the art of concentrating flavor in our grapes. Never too vigorous, never over-cropped, our grapes produce wine with complexity and strong varietal fruit flavor.

Grape ClusterLike most farmers, our growers take great pride in their land and the grapes they produce.  Here the focus is quality production, because premium wines can only be made from high-quality grapes.

We are proud of our grapes and the award winning wines they produce.  We are especially proud of our growers.  They care for their land and their vines, in order to preserve our agriculture and its products for all to enjoy. 

For more information on our Appellation, Good Neighbor policy and Our Vineyard Year, click here or on the Foothills image above.